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It is a pleasure to introduce to you Virtual Ministry a Ministry of Great Commission Movement West Africa in her effort to reach people everywhere with the gospel of Christ using technology. For several decades now, many non Christian nations and some communities in Africa have closed their borders to the Gospel, but praises to God, people from these nations are receiving the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Saviour through the Internet. You can view live statistics from http://www.GreatCommission2020.com.

There are a number of mediums we use in reaching out to people which includes the use of cell phones, radio and television. For now we are focusing on the use of the internet and cell phones as about 70% of people in most countries use the mobile phone and more than two million people every day search the internet for God, for meaning, for hope. People in crisis are facing loneliness, addictions, suicides, domestic abuse, divorce, joblessness, and hopelessness and are looking for answers from people like you.

There are two aspects of people who benefit from this ministry; the new contact who is usually someone who is accepting Christ for the first time or recommitting him/her self to Christ and the category is the one who is not a Christian but has questions. The second is the Online Mentor/Missionary. The Online mentor/Missionary is our trained volunteer who devote at least two hours a week to respond the spiritual needs of the contact from our websites.

 The new contact

The ministry has over one hundred evangelistic websites that leads people to Christ. When one “google’s” or searches any question about God and life on the internet the chances are that the person will have one of our websites as the first on the search providing the answer and also gives the person an opportunity to either accept Christ for the first time, recommit his/her life to Christ and ask a question. 

The articles on these sites cut across multiplicity of lives issues. The good news is that all these articles ends up leading the reader to either accept Christ for the first time or recommit their lives to Christ. There are also opportunities for those who want to know more about Christ.

The Online Mentor/Missionary

One may ask, where do all these questions go to and who answers and contacts these people? The Ministry is utilizing resources in training Christians who are ready to share their faith, disciple new Christians through the internet by responding the mails that are sent to them. The platforms to do these for now are www.everystudent.com, www.everyperson.com and www.godlife.com. A response and monitoring system called the ARC takes care of all of these.

 Training for the Online Mentor/Missionary

The ministry offers free training to all who desire to join this ministry. For those who have access to good internet connections the file and videos will be sent to you through the internet for those who will find it slow to download the training materials we have them in our office for free. You only have to call to place an order to Some of our evangelistic websites are; the websites are www.everystudent.com, www.Godlife.com, www.looktojesus.com, etc. One of our discipleship website for our contacts is http://www.30daynextstep.com.


Fulfilling the great Commission as given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18-20 is a general call on all Christians to go preach the gospel and make disciples of all nations. We cannot all be fulltime missionaries but we can all share Christ to people through the internet by devoting at least two hours a week to respond and disciple new believers.

You can volunteer to serve as an Online Mentor/Missionary by clicking this link

https://www.responsecenters.org/signup.php?community=Eng-Africa.Onboarding&invitation and fill in the application forms. Hundreds and thousands of people are receiving Christ on the internet everyday and needs to be disciple. You can also invite us to introduce this ministry to your Church member, Elders and any other Christian group you know and also invite other Christian friends to join the ministry by sending us their names, phone numbers and emails.  God bless you for reading.

For more information please call or write to:

The Administrator (Virtual Ministry)

Email vlm@gcmwa.org Call  +233 244342135


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